Monday, May 21, 2012

School is Almost Over

   School is almost almost ALMOST over. And then....NO MORE FRESHMAN YEAR, EEVVVVEEERRRR!!!!!!!
   And then it will be summer. And I have a babysitting job this summer, which is AWESOME! I'll make money, but it's not gonna take up every spare moment I've got, so I still have time to hang with my friends and stuff.
   I'm trying to get all my grades up to A's before the year is over. I'm SO close....but I'm not there yet. Ugh. Math is killing me.
   I tokk my AP Human Geography Exam on Friday. It actually wasn't too hard. The multiple choice was pretty easy, and two of the essay questions were easy, but the last one was hard.
   Here's the link to the essay questions (they release them 48 hours after the test):
   Soon, we will be going to the beach and shopping and doing everything we want to do.

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