Thursday, May 10, 2012

Space Junk

   If I weren't so bad at physics I would totally be an astrophysicist.
   See, I LOVE space and time and string theory and all that crazy junk. But I am terrible at math. And this poses a problem in physics, which, incidentally, is mostly math.
   I'm planning on going to nursing school after high school, since I love people and medicine and the science that they do is mosly chemistry, which I also love. But all those stars and planets and black holes and dark energy and dark matter....ah. It's enough to make you wish they were still sending people to the moon.
   I fell in love with space when I started watching Star Trek: Voyager with my brother. (This is the series that people claim isn't a real Star Trek because the captain is a woman. Total crap. She's amazing.) This love was reinforced when we had a brief astronomy unit in science last semester. And now I just read everything I can possible find on the subject because I LOVE it.
   Right now I'm trying to understand anti-matter. It really doesn'tmake much sense. I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea that it's not matter or space, and yet it still exists. But that's what makes it so cool.
   And then there's string theory. This is the theory that proposes that there is actually TEN dimensions. There's the three we know to be true (line, flat plane, and three-dimensional space), there's time, and then there's six more. CRAZY! The problem comes with proving their existence. But we can do it. We proved that the world was round when it was thought to be flat. We proved that the earth orbits around the sun. We've proved crazy, AMAZING things. We'll get this eventually.

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