Thursday, May 3, 2012

50 Question That Will Free Your Mind: Part 8

36. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?
   About some things, it is. For instance, killing people. It's not good to kill people. But about some things, some people might have gray areas. Like abortion, and gay marriage, and some of the other things sitting before our United States congress. I know what my views are on these things, but I'm biased. I may or may not be right.

37. If you just one a million dollars, would you quit your job?
   Seeing as I don't currently hold a steady job, I would have to say, yes, I would quit babysitting and save it so I could go to a good college and get a job I really enjoy.

38. Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
   If I enjoy it, I don't know if I really see it as work. It's fun. So I suppose I'd rather have more "work" I actually enjoy. But I would very much enjoy having less work right now. Less homework would be nice. Speaking of which, I should be doing my geometry homework right now.....

39. Do you feel like you've lived this day a hundred times before?
   Ooh, I like this question. Yes, my days are very repetitive. In some ways I like it (you know, that whole "safety in repetition" thing), but for the most part, I don't. But it's kinda hard to mix it up when you gotta go to school every day, with the same classes and the same people. I try. But it's difficult.

40. When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?
   Never. If I strongly believe in it, the days of "soft glow" are long gone. When I march into the dark with something I truly believe in, I've got a whole hoard of flashlights and lanterns and it's nearly as bright as day.