Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"You're So Much Better Than Me"....NOT

   I know this girl who thinks that she absolutely has to be better than everyone at everything. There are some things she is the best at. She is better at most sports than pretty much all of the girls I know. She is prettier than a lot of the girls I know. She is very good at getting what she wants.
   But here's the thing: nobody likes her. I think people who are constantly doing anything they can do be the best (including telling people that they are better than them so as to diminish their self-esteem and cause them to stop trying) just get on everyone's nerves.
   See, this aforementioned girl has been at odds with me since the third grade. She is very ticked off, because there are two things she has never been able to do better than me: academics and being friends with boys.
   I think she has kind of accepted that she will never be better than me at school. (I hate to sound like the kind of person that I am currently describing, but I really am much better in school than Bryanna. If you don't count P.E.) But what she can never seem to accept is that all boys don't like her.
   Lately this guy named Sam has been showing an interest in me. This girl I know doesn't even like him, but she cannot seem to accept the fact that a guy likes me, because, to be honest, guys don't like her. (She's very dominating and controlling and stubborn to the point that it just exhausts people.) So she decided to sit and tell me all the resons why Sam is madly in love with her, and all about how he told her that he liked her so much, and on and on and ON. And I'm like, SHUT UP ALREADY! I mean, Sam's a nice guy and all, and he's my friend, but I don't like him like that. So it doesn't actually matter if he likes me. But she can't accept that.
   Oh, the life of a teenage girl. It makes no sense. Sometimes I don't even know what's going on, and I'm the one that's living here. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

   Valentine's Day. Or, as it will be known this year (but hopefully never again), Single's Awareness Day. It is somewhat disheartening to walk around the hallways with all the girls and their flowers and chocolate and teddy bears and be single. But, on the bright side, it motivates me to find someone for next year. :)
   Teachers usually hate Valentine's Day. At least, the teachers who teach us freshmen do. Apparently we are "hyped up on sugar and artificial love" (I'm quoting my math tacher here). This makes us unruly and difficult to teach.
   I miss the days when we went to school on Valentine's Day and ate pink frosted sugar cookies and got a whole bunch of princess and Transformers Valentine's that said "You're the best!" And you had to give everyone a Valentine. So no one ever felt bad.
   I remember one year, when this girl named Scarlet gave out Valentine's with Wonka candy on them (which, compared to Hershey kisses and candy hearts, was pretty cool). Sadly for me, Scarlet hated me, and she did not give me a Valentine. My ten-year-old self was distraught. I very nearly walked up to her and snatched my Valentine away from her (they were Harry Potter that year). But I restrained myself.
   The next year was one of the weirdest Valentine's Days I have ever had the pleasure (?) of experiencing. This guy (who shall remain unnamed for his sake) decided he liked me, and I decided I liked him. This was awkward because we were eleven. :) He gave me this adorable little stuffed giraffe (I'm not really sure where it has disappeared to since then) and this cute little card. The thing was, my friend's hated that guy, so at my birthday party that weekend, we shredded the card. I actually felt pretty awful about it.
   Oddly enough, he and I are like brother and sister now.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sluts, Whores, and English Teachers

   Today in P.E., a this girl called my friend Bryanna a whore. This made me laugh out loud. I love that people throw the words "whore" and "slut" around as if they were as common as the word "girl". The dictionary definition of whore is "a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot". Essentially, a prostitute. The defenition of slut is "an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute". Honestly, would you walk around calling people prostitutes? Uh, no. Seriously. How stupid is that? About as stupid as calling them a slut or a whore.
   I can honestly say I have never met a prostitute. But if you ask people if they've ever met a whore, they will say yes.
   Ugh. I sound like an English teacher. Just today we were talking about denotation vs. connotation in English. You know, like how frugal and miserly mean the same thing (that's denotation), but people think of frugal in a positive way and miserly in a negative way (that's connotation).
   Enough of that. I've had enough of school. I wish the weekend was here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


   My dad took me out to Red Robin tonight for my birthday (which is actually on Tuesday). While I was ordering my California Chicken Burger, I looked across the restaurant to see several "little miss populars" in their skimpy winter formal dresses with their dates. Thsi cracked me up. Red Robin? For a formal dance? Could you be any less creative? Could you be any less boring? I mean, seriously! What weirdos.
   No one is classy these days. These girls I saw were wearing awfully skimpy dresses. One of them was strapless and so short and so tight that it looked like she had a sparkly silver towel wrapped around her. What a slut. Not classy at all. I don't typically dress that way, so I couldn't say for sure, but isn't it awfully uncomfortable to wear a dress like that?

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Epitomy of Irony

   It seems like life itself is the epitomy of irony. You know, like that song by Alanis Morissette. "It's like rain on your wedding day. It's a free ride when you've already paid." I don't really like that song. But she makes a really good point.
   One of the really ironic things about being a girl in high school is that guys you like send you texts that say "Hey did you catch what our English homework was?" and guys you don't like send you texts that say "Hey cutie, hope you sleep well tonight." Doesn' that just make you so mad?!
   Or how about those times when you work your butt off and are SO confident that you'll do well on your sience test, and you don't? And then you take a test that you're totally sure you failed and you get an A? How does that even happen?
   Another really ironic and yet seemingly common occurence happens in P.E. My teacher wears us out so bad during warm-ups that we can't actually participate in the rest of the class. It's like she wants to take our five out of ten participation points away.
   It's all quite ironic.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today I'm Just Ticked Off

   You know what I hate most in the world? Being lied to. I would rather hear a harsh, awful, and painful truth than have someone lie to me.
   I'm not talking about "Oh, yeah, that dress looks great" even when it doesn't. I'm talking about the times when people tell you a really big lie to you to spare your feelings, and then when you find out it was a lie, your heart is broken and your trust in that person is shattered forever. Like, when you love somone, and they say "I love you too", but really, they don't. I'm talking about that kind of a lie.
   I also hate being ignored. I would rather that people yelled at me and screamed at me and threw huge crying fits thatn ignore me. I HATE being ignored. Especially when someone gives you the silent treatment because they are mad at you, but they won't tell you what it is you did wrong! How am I supposed to fix the gosh dang problem if I don't know what the problem even is? How can I apologize if I don't know what I did wrong?
   I had this friend named Hannah who used to do that to me. She would ignore me for days on end and when she finally told me why she was mad, I didn't even remember the thing that she said I did.
   Needless to say, we aren't really friends anymore. She eventually stopped talking to me for good.
   Recently I went through a fairly tough break-up. It was tough because it was so sudden. I loved him, and I thought he loved me, but the other day he just came out of nowhere and dumped me. For no reason at all. Well, I guess he kinda had some reasons. But they were lame, and I'm pretty sure he was lying about most of them.
   And you know what really ticks me off? When people ask how he and I are doing, he says, "Oh, I broke up with her," and then proceeds to talk about something else. People are like, "Why?" and he just shrugs. And he says it all like it's my fault. Like it was me who screwed up. He has no emotion about it at all. None whatsoever. I mean, we dated for a year and a half. You'd think he'd miss something about the relationship. Even if all he missed was like, kissing or something, that'd be okay. Because then at least he wouldn't be completely apethetic about the break-up.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nice People

   The two nicest girls I've ever known are named Rachel and Jessica. When I am feeling down, they always make me feel better. Rachel and I made cookies today. And talked. And sang "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree." And talked.
   Jessica brought me cookies. :) And hugs.
   The world needs more nice people like this. How come no one is nice? Why do people just treat people like crap?
   I guess I'm guilty of this myself. You know, what with the whole "I'm gonna say whatever I want about everyone" deal that's going on here. But seriously. I'm not mean to people to their face. Never.
   Well, almost never. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   Some people have no empathy for anyone at all.
   Seriously! I think some people are just missing that chunk of their brain that tells you when to feel bad for people, when to let things go, and when to give someone a hug.
   Like today, for instance. Right before Spanish I very obviously needed a hug. (It was not a good day.) But the stupid people who call themselves my friends apparently could not see this.
   Granted, it was mostly boys that I was hanging out with. I don't know why, but it seems that boys are seriously lacking in social skills. This is a problem because I really, truly, like boys. But they drive me absolutely insane! I am driven completely crazy by the male of my species on a daily basis.
   Come to think of it, most of the problems in my life that are not school related are caused by boys. Boys. Boys. I hate them, but I can't get enough of them.
   I'm done with boys. For a while.
   Okay, let me revise that statement. I'm not done with boys in general. However, I am definitely done with them in any romantic way.
   But just for the time being. My gate only swings one way. :)