Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

   Valentine's Day. Or, as it will be known this year (but hopefully never again), Single's Awareness Day. It is somewhat disheartening to walk around the hallways with all the girls and their flowers and chocolate and teddy bears and be single. But, on the bright side, it motivates me to find someone for next year. :)
   Teachers usually hate Valentine's Day. At least, the teachers who teach us freshmen do. Apparently we are "hyped up on sugar and artificial love" (I'm quoting my math tacher here). This makes us unruly and difficult to teach.
   I miss the days when we went to school on Valentine's Day and ate pink frosted sugar cookies and got a whole bunch of princess and Transformers Valentine's that said "You're the best!" And you had to give everyone a Valentine. So no one ever felt bad.
   I remember one year, when this girl named Scarlet gave out Valentine's with Wonka candy on them (which, compared to Hershey kisses and candy hearts, was pretty cool). Sadly for me, Scarlet hated me, and she did not give me a Valentine. My ten-year-old self was distraught. I very nearly walked up to her and snatched my Valentine away from her (they were Harry Potter that year). But I restrained myself.
   The next year was one of the weirdest Valentine's Days I have ever had the pleasure (?) of experiencing. This guy (who shall remain unnamed for his sake) decided he liked me, and I decided I liked him. This was awkward because we were eleven. :) He gave me this adorable little stuffed giraffe (I'm not really sure where it has disappeared to since then) and this cute little card. The thing was, my friend's hated that guy, so at my birthday party that weekend, we shredded the card. I actually felt pretty awful about it.
   Oddly enough, he and I are like brother and sister now.

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