Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Haven't Blogged Since May...

...which is kind of insane. At any rate, I thouhgt it'd be a good time to start up again, since I need some sort of creative outlet. Most of the reason I haven't been around is because I worked all summer, and the beginning of this school year has been hard.
   Yeah. I'm a sophomore now. Moving my way up the ladder. I see a lot of freshmen, and I'm like, "Oh gosh. Is that what I was like?" It's frightening, really. There are these three freshmen boys in my Spanish class, and they're always trying to flirt with us girls, who are completely uninterested. It makes me laugh. They think they are so cool. But they're not. :)
   For the most part school is going well....I have A's in all my classes except AP U.S. History, which I have a B in, but it's a 4 point B. And Pre-Calc. I'm failing that.
   My teacher is AWFUL. He doesn't want to teach or help anyone with anything and he's always gone at dentist appointments or  conferences and so we end up with these awful substitutes that don't know the first thing about math.
   On the bright side, it's almost Christmas! I love Christmas. I'm doing all my shopping this weekend. It's just like me to put it all off until the 22nd. :)
   I've had a lot of guy dilemmas at the beginning of this year. My best friend James asked me out, and when I said no, he went all teenage girl on me about how I "don't appreciate him" and stuff like that. He's over it now though. Mostly.
   Another guy decided it was okay to be all "Oh I really really like you" and then go and tell me that we can't be together because his friends don't like me and he "can't betray his friends like that". Idiot.
   Mostly, I've decided to forget about guys until my 16th birthday. I mean, I'll still be friends with them, but that's all.
   And my 16th birthday is in February. So I can do it. :)

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