Saturday, December 22, 2012


   I made it into the spring musical. As a chorus girl. In talking to my choir director the reason I didn't get a lead is because one of the shows falls at exactly the same time as districts for speech and debate. Which by the way I'm really good at. And it's going to bring me some serious scholarships in the future, so our director doesn't want to rob me of the opportunity to make it to state, and hopefully nationals.
   My event is called oratory. It's a ten minute persuasive speech following a pattern of "problem-cause-solution". I would post it, but someone might steal it. I've won several 3rd and 2nd places (no 1st yet) so evidently it's a decent speech.
   Yeah, I'm a little cocky. I'll admit it.
   IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I finished my Christmas shopping today. I am so excited!

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