Monday, April 9, 2012

My Friends

   I decided that it would be good if I were to introduce you all to a few of my friends. Since I do talk about them a lot.

Rachel is like my sister. See, back in the day, I was besties with this girl, and Rachel was besties with her older sister (Rachel is a year older than me). The two of them moved away, and Rachel and I were somehow thrown together by fate. She's got dark brown hair and hazel eyes and is one of the nicest people I know.

James is my first ex-boyfriend. He and I are very good friends and we talk all the time. He knows what makes me happy and what makes me upset and I like that about him. When I tell people that we dated, they think there's still something going on, but I can assure you, there isn't.

Jasmine is the new girl in school. She is the little sister of a good friend of my mom's so I was the first person here that she met when she moved in with her sister. She shares a locker with me now and she's really really nice.

Archer is someone I had a gigantic crush on for many a year, but we are just friends. He likes to take my food, especially during thrid block (it's right before lunch-we get hungry). He's way smart and can beat anyone in a debate about anything. But don't tell him I said so. :)

Chase is Archer's twin brother. He is amazing and smarter than Archer. He is absolutely brilliant, but he is so freaking lazy that you'd never know. I've never seen him do homework in my life, but he gets A's on all the tests. Go figure.

Gary is another really smart, really funny guy. (I have a lot of nerdy guy friends :) Kinda funny.) He is often my lab partner in science, because he's really good at science, and I'm not.

Duncan is obligated to be my friend because he is in five of my classes. (He used to be in all of them, but I got a schedule change and ruined that one in a million chance.) He's really funny and pretty smart and he once ruined a white bathrobe with ketchup during English. Don't ask.

Mckenzie is the little sister of my latest ex-boyfriend, Mike. She is amazing, except she's not very good at keeping secrets. :) She plays basketball and is a really nice girl.

Kaylyn is the girl who lives across the street from me. We both moved here about the same time, and since we were little kids, and couldn't leave our street without our parents, we started playing together.

Jessica is a senior and is without a doubt the NICEST person I have EVER met. She never yells or gossips or gets mad or ANYTHING. I love her.

Spencer is Jessica's step-brother, and he has a personality similar to Jessica's. He is SO nice. Really nice.

Angler is like my brother. He makes fun of me and I make fun of him and we have a lot in common. He calls me "the female version of [him]" and I call him "the brother I never wanted."

   I think that's pretty much all of my good friends. Now let me introduce you to some people who aren't really my friends.

Mike is my ex-boyfriend and he's been being a real douche lately (excuse my language). And that's enough said, I think.

Bryanna is someone I have already talked about. She's basically a spoiled brat who refuses to lose at anything.

Hannah used to be my best friend, until last year, when she decided to yell and scream at me and then never talk to me again. I'm still not really sure what happened.

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