Wednesday, April 25, 2012


   I am SO ready for summer.
   We got a brief glimpse of sunshine-y glory on Monday. It was eighty degrees, and it was GORGEOUS. But Tuesday it was back to clouds.
   Reasons I am ready for summer:
1. NO SCHOOL! I am so done being a freshman. I am so done doing homework.
2. The summer weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Oregon. It rarely gets above ninety, and the sky is just perfectly blue.
3. I will not be sleep deprived in the summer. I can sleep as late as I want and wake up to birds chirping outside my window.
4. I can actually do things with my friends. During the school year, we are all so busy that we NEVER do anything, unless it's someone's birthday or something, and in the summer, we can spend all day wandering aimlessly around town if we want to. We can frolic through fields of daisies if we want to. And we have lots of time for bacon chesseburgers and fresh blackberry milkshakes.

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